Planning for those in a community who would be most disproportionately affected by a disaster or catastrophic event is overwhelming for the most seasoned Emergency Manager. How do you know what you don't know?

As a vulnerable populations Sr. Emergency Manager and Subject Matter Expert, Tiffany created a D/AFN Crosswalk Plan Review tool for writing or reviewing Emergency Operation Plans. 

Utilized in the San Diego Operational Area as a pilot program we have now opened up its availability and are offering it to jurisdictions as a plan review consulting package. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Crosswalk and services to help you comply with D/AFN inclusive planning per FEMA and other legislation, send us a message through our Contact Page.  

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(AFN) Access and Functional Needs Plan Review Crosswalk Tool
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Agencies/ Organizations having utilized the D/AFN Crosswalk to review/write Emergency Operations Plans for inclusion of vulnerable population considerations:
“Use of this crosswalk enabled SDSU to update its entire EOP and helped identify areas (departments) around campus that had additional D/AFN needs.”

“We can see gaps with regard to the evacuation and transportation of people who may be medically fragile or who may have mobility issues. It also pointed out gaps in our training of city employees with regard to DAFN considerations.”

“I think it brings forward the needs to the community in a way agencies can understand and prepare to support if they are not doing so now.”  

“This document has been added to our emergency planning resources for use during planning and response activities.”

​“You do great work and this is a great crosswalk. 
A couple of items came to mind while reviewing the document:
1)This is a great document to help explain AFN and the requirements to my management and other city leaders. 
2) This crosswalk can be adapted for other plans such as Evacuations and Repopulation plans.”

"The reason I put 10 (out of 10) is that it’s never been done. There is nothing out there quite like this. Tiffany put the time, perspective, and clarity into an easily applicable tool.”

“As an agency with very little initial understanding of the complexities of accounting for D/AFN populations, this document was extremely helpful in updating our emergency plans and contingencies. Wonderful resource to have access to!”

“I will definitely be using this as a tool.”
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