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OBJECTIVES of  "Sensitivity in Service" Trainings:

- All participants will come away with a basic working knowledge of how to better assist all community members (or passengers), specifically those with disabilities and access and functional need, including older adults, in order to minimize trauma and maintain safety 
- All participants will be able to recognize basic characteristics and behaviors of individuals that struggle with cognitive and developmental disabilities, those that are not obvious beyond a visual inspection
-Provide real world, applicable tips and techniques to ensure participants are prepared to provide a safe environment (e.g. how to effectively communicate) during crisis situations, focusing primarily on those with unseen challenges 
- Provide learning experiences, with a theme of empathy, through two challenging, guided activities 

Goal: All first responders/emergency volunteers/airport personnel will learn how to bridge the gaps between when service is needed immediately for those with disabilities and access and functional needs and when the proper mental health services/resources can arrive to take over

*Each training module is specific to the unique goals and challenges of your agency/business/ geographic region/community members 

Preparedness is  a critical factor to minimize casualties in a natural disaster or emergency. There is a limited window of time to recognize and react to all needs and special considerations. The challenge is that emergency personnel are visual in nature, relying heavily on their instincts to react to what they see in the moment. The challenge comes when interacting with individuals that live with unseen disabilities. 

    This unique training will enable your employees or team to read, react, and sustain an environment of safety for any and all needs necessary at the most pressuring of times, bridging the gap between the point in time when assistance is needed and when that proper assistance from can arrive.  Every First Responder, employee, and Volunteer Emergency Responder/VOAD should have a basic working knowledge of how to best assist, support, and communicate with those clients in the field or a shelter setting that live with disabilities and/or access and functional needs. Preparedness can alleviate the stress on responders and minimize health and safety risks for all involved. 

    While webinars are sufficient at delivering basic information they can never take the place of a person with expertise in the subject matter who can answer questions in real time using specific examples from their personal experiences as an invaluable teaching tool; nor do they offer hands-on activities that teach empathy and sensitivity towards your potential clients. 

Ms. Allen recognized a gap in services between those with unseen disabilities and their families while trying to maneuver an airport setting and the TSA agents and airport customer service agents/ticket agents who were ill equipped to best serve them. This gap could prove to be problematic, if not dangerous, when all of the challenges of traveling are not considered. 

The solution: U.L.F. created a comprehensive training for all airport staff modeled after our already successful training's for other industries. 

The first airport to implement this training module for their employees was Fresno Yosemite Intl. Airport, with national interest following suit. 

If you are a business in the unique position of being susceptible to a higher risk of emergencies or catastrophic events (eg. cruise lines/ theme parks) then hiring U.L.F. to train any employees that will come in contact with your passengers/customers could alleviate any unnecessary suffering and keep all involved (passengers/crew/first responders) safe. Along with training your employees, United Learning Foundation will work closely with you, take all aspects of your business into consideration, and create an all-inclusive Emergency Operational Plan. Contact us (here) to discuss your needs and the consulting process.
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“Using a very thoughtful and practical approach, Tiffany Allen's “Sensitivity in Service” training added a vitally important dimension to the skill-set of our emergency response and public safety volunteers.”
                                                        ~Carla R. Glazebrook, Fresno Citizen Corps.