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Customer Service: Employee Training and Development 
OBJECTIVES of Training: Reach. Every. Customer.

-Identify the possible challenges of your customer’s specific to your industry
-Learn the behaviors and characteristics of persons with Cognitive/Developmental Disabilities  
- Learn which techniques to use in order to best assist those customers that are struggling, confused, or experiencing sensory overload
- Learn what a melt down looks like (vs. a tantrum), and how to assist your customer through one
- Experience  empathy for your customers through two guided activities that challenge each participant

*Each training module is uniquely modified to your needs/mission

**If you so choose to become certified through the federally recognized Compassionate Vendor Program (TM) please follow the link on our home page to begin the process

It is less costly to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones. It is then crucial to retain your loyal customer base. Modern consumers shop with high standards and expect specific deliverables, yet there are customers who require specific needs to shop accordingly.

This training will help you identify challenges from the able and disabled/elderly consumers. If your team is properly trained, retention of customers can reach high figures and overall satisfaction. 


Ms. Allen spent approximately 10 years in the customer service industry working in retail stores and restaurants. The training received from working with the public, along with personal experiences, has prepared her to teach those in the Customer Service industry how to best serve those customers that live with the unseen challenges.
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Sensitivity in Service: 
Assisting Customers with Unseen Disabilities
"This was the best training I have ever been to. And you can tell by my age I've been to a lot of them!"
(attendee graciously offered her quote to be used)

"I was in the Air Force for 24 years and was a trainer for the last 13 years. I know what it takes to offer a good training and I can say that this has been the best training I have ever been to. It is clear that you know about exactly what you are teaching on a level very few can speak on. I learned so much from you. Thank you."

When asked from attendees "What did you learn?" and "Overall, how satisfied were you with this training?", below are just a few responses....

"That we have to be conscious that we're looking at situations through the eyes of those we serve." 

"I will encourage my staff to slow down and to speak quietly and calmly. We talk a lot about numbers and calculations, and are not always sensitive to comprehension issues."   

"Very informative. I feel that I was enlightened to some "disabilities" that have never occurred to me as far as customer service goes, such as dyslexia & dyscalculia. Often in my job we expect people to understand forms or calculations, I will be much more tolerant from now on. Thank you." 

"My first thought when required to attend was "how can this be taught in one hour?" I was impressed - it could be done and was. Great presentation. Informative & fun."

"I thought the subject was presented very well. And the exercises made it a very hands- on experience. "

"Any training is always good especially when the trainer is a prime example of what the training is about. That makes the training more interesting and live example. The trainer was great!"

"Difficult people to deal with might have some underlying issue going on and to not judge or jump to a conclusion but to be patient. "

What Participants Are Saying...
    Whether you choose for your establishment to be certified through the Compassionate Vendor Program (TM) or to simply equip your employees with the knowledge of how to best assist, serve, and communicate with each customer, these trainings are imperative. 

    Having worked extensively with individuals that have cognitive and developmental disabilities it became apparent to our Founder/CEO, Ms. Allen, that when out in the community with her clients the majority of customer service representatives lack the  knowledge  and compassion in how to interact with or serve those that may need special consideration.