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Disability Consulting Firm
U.L.F. is a boutique consulting firm used by a number of businesses and agencies, drawing on the vast knowledge and expertise in how to best assist, serve, and communicate with individuals/customers that live with unseen challenges. Founder, Tiffany Allen, has also worked with state and local agencies as a disability subject-matter expert (DSME) and technical adviser in the realm of emergency services/ emergency preparedness and response pertaining to individuals with disabilities and other access and functional needs focusing on, but not limited to, mass care/shelter integration. 

If there is a subject, project or challenge that requires specific knowledge and expertise regarding individuals that live with disabilities, connect with U.L.F. Once objectives are prioritized, we can ensure that these needs will be met through a timely, effective, and cost effective approach. 

Consulting Services are offered per: Hour 
​                                                                  Project
​                                                                  Contract
                                                             or On retainer 

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